Hide and Seek Gallery



We wanted an option to the “conventional gallery system” for artists to show and patrons to view….

hide and seek gallery is a collective of artists pooling their resources under an atypical gallery space, a web based space with low overhead costs, a platform that is viewable worldwide and a space with a never-ending state of flux.

This space will serve:
  • to have an ongoing digital canvass to post thoughts, artworks, photography, writings, music, collaborations and ideas.
  • to promote “Pop-Up” hide and seek gallery shows throughout our city.
  • to provide a venue for the sale of limited edition and original prints, photography, books, and zines from h&s artists.
For h&s, it is about today, tomorrow and the future. It is about being a family of creative individuals that inspire, push forward and evolve.

All photography by Terrance Reimer